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This is where you can explain you’re own authentic cuisine. Make it sound mouth-watering!

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About Us

This is where you could go into you’re backstory, why food means so much to you, or why you got into the food industry in the first place!

What We Do

This is where you set yourself apart from the competition! How do you do it better?

Corporate Events

Formal, classy, or fun. Businesses pay the best, more often than not!

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Event Planning

Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Christmas parties. What events do you focus on?

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Wedding Meals

Marriage is a wonderful thing, almost as wonderful as delicious food! How do you make it unforgettable?

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Bar Service

Do you provide alcohol? Do you make a mean Manhattan? If so, now’s the time to clarify that.

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Event Staffing

A great wait staff can take an event over the border into classy town. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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Drop Off Catering

For those who just want the goods, highlight how quickly you can deliver what you’re best at!

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Our Menus

Let’s design a beautiful menu, with clever names, and clear descriptions.

Southern Wedding

  • Event-specific food items below.

Corporates Mixer

  • Event-specific food items below.

Taste of our homeland

  • Your cuisine-specific food items below.


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